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Alright guys, there has been a lot of love and time gone into this website, so listen up.


I have paid good money to teachers that have shared their knowledge. If you want to know more, I will refer you to my teachers.

Based on these premises, I have developed the following rules, which -by using any material on this website- you automatically claim to adhere to.

1. Copyright

There is no Copyright on what I have published, unless I make clear that the source is not mine. Buy their books, book their courses and name them as your source if you feel inspired. If you wanna know more; I am happy to refer you to them.

2. Complaints

I made the content available free of charge , because I believe that it might maximize access to some beautiful information about ownership, responsibility and creating polarity in a day and age where people are more and more leaning towards the opposite: victim hood, mob justice and armchair social justice. So, if you have any complaints or if you feelings are hurt, I cannot give you a refund. If you have suggestions, I am happy to receive them.

3. Privacy

As you may have noticed, I have not asked for your e-mail address, IP-address, name, gender or sexual preference anywhere. I don't care who you are or what the demographics of the visitors are. You are not that special. So, take whatever course you want and keep it all stored under the cookies that you allow for. If somewhere I have stored a piece of data that could lead a hacker to you, just ask me to remove it, I had no intention to keep it in the first place.

4. That's it

Indeed, that's it. A bit of decency and respect will go much further than a full disclaimer or very clever terms & conditions. Have fun!

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