Integrated Male

Reclaiming your balls in the 21st century

Reclaiming my balls?

Indeed, it sounds a bit harsh, but there is nothing more loving than a guy that knows what he wants, takes responsibility for his life, is honest and clear in his communication, lovingly guards his boundaries and invites the feminine into his life.

Selling some pick-up course?

First of all, I am not selling anything. The entire website is my labour of love and offered to men and women for free, no snags, no hidden fees. Secondly, I am the last person to teach you how to pick up girls, and so I won't. 

Who are you anyway?

I am Edmar Janssens, a middle aged guy, that took a journey from being a pleaser, to something more real. Along the way I got certified as men's coach, Tao instructor and mindfulness trainer, yet chose to keep my day job and share my experiences online.

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