Integrated Male

I wish somebody told me this before...

Why do I share this stuff with you?

The last few years I have noticed a big tendency that more and more topics have moved into the taboo sphere, including male topics. For instance, the art of seduction is practiced less overtly, out of fear of being accused of transgressions, men's work is often ridiculed, and honest feedback is no longer the breakfast of champions, but met with hurt feelings and pointing fingers. 

Mini courses about uncomfortable topics

Many topics are seldom taught to young men, either because there was no male role model around or the role model didn't know either. Basically, I share stuff that I wish somebody told me when I was growing up. It could have saved me a lot of misery.

Who am I?

My name is Edmar Janssens, a middle aged guy, that took a journey from being a pleaser, to something more real. In this journey I have received valuable knowledge from teachers and the men's groups that I am in. They helped me find my value as a man in the 21st century.

Any questions?

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