Reclaim your balls and become your unapologetic self

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Reclaim your balls and become your unapologetic self

About Integrated Male


About Integrated Male

Integrated Male has been developed by Edmar Janssens (1970). Edmar Janssens is a lawyer and entrepreneur and he works as a men’s coach in his spare time, hosting men’s groups and providing one on one coaching. He is a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach and Mindfulness Trainer, and is training to become an associate teacher within Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao school.

Edmar has struggled for many years to understand why his relationships failed. He tried to figure out why his approach to women, work, friendship and life was unsatisfying. It took him 5 years of Tantra, 4 years of Tao, a year of therapy and lots of reading, practicing, trials and errors to find out one simple message. A message he is set out to share with men around the world. The pith of this message is:

Stop fixing yourself, stop fixing the world, start finding out what you desire and check why the world is not yet reflecting this, then change one step at the time.



Integrated Male is passionate about men reclaiming their balls, and showing up in life without worrying how others might react. Most men (me included) come from a place of pleasing or dismissing others, constantly reacting to what was happing around us.

As an adult male, many of our strategies are unnecessary and counterproductive. Furthermore, we tend to guide ourselves from the mind, instead allowing our body and our intuition to guide us.

Therefore, we will be offering guidance and a community in which men can grow into their full potential. Men with a sense of direction, clarity and purpose, no longer bound by circumstances, but creating opportunities and manifesting their goals.